Q: Would you recommend the Getting The Love You Want
Workshop or couples coaching as the first step in the Imago work?

A: After working with couples that have done both, the answer seems to be that there is benefit to be received regardless of the order. The workshop provides an experience where you can gain a theoretical framework and the knowledge that many other couples are in a similar struggle, which can be very reassuring. It provides a universal experience. Most couples experience profound learnings and connection with their partner during the workshop, even if they have never been coached before. The Coaching provides ongoing support for those tough issues that don’t feel safe yet to tackle on your own at home. And it gives a longer-term avenue of growing into a connected couple. I encourage all of my couples to attend a GTLYW workshop at some point in their work with me. For information on the GTLYW workshops check out Imago Relationships International.

Q: Our relationship is very shaky and we are unsure if the
Imago process can help us if we are this far gone. I am not even sure I want to be in my relationship. What would you suggest?

A: Providing safety is a paramount goal of the Imago work. If you’re unsure about your relationship, creating enough safety to explore what has contributed to reaching this point, and whether you can keep exploring in safety, might give you the optimism and new hope to commit to working-through to a healthier place. It also could create enough safety for you both to realize that too many toxic events have happened to be repaired and decide to end the relationship. Imago provides a framework to respectfully say good-bye. This could be especially critical if you have children that you will be co-parenting. Regardless of the decision, knowing how you have co-created this relationship with your current partner, might help you not repeat these destructive patterns with your next one.

Q: How long can my partner and I expect to stay in therapy?

A: The answer depends on several variables: How deep are the wounds that you both bring from your childhoods? How much pain is present in the current relationship? In addition, what is the depth of your commitment and ability to apply at home what you learn in the safety of the counseling office? One of strengths of the Imago work is that your learnings are meant to teach you to create safety, regardless of the content of your topic. So, the quicker a couple learns how to create that safety, the faster they will be done with the coaching work in the office.

Q: Does Imago therapy apply to Lesbian and Gay couples? Do
you work with them?

A: All committed couples regardless of sexual orientation, ethnic or racial background, religion, personal history or level of education can use Imago therapy. Gay and Lesbian couples face the same issues that other couples face in addition to ones unique due to their orientation. I have considerable comfort and experience working with Gay and Lesbian couples.

Q: Where is your office located? Are you available to speak
on Imago in the community?

A: My office is located near the Williams Center at 310 S. Williams Blvd., Suite 145, 85711. From the Target on Broadway between Rosemont and Craycroft, head south at the light on Williams Blvd, past the Marriot on your left. My office is on the right, and is the large gray round building with the red trim.

I am not only available, but very much enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge about Imago. You can also feel free to contact me with questions at (520) 321-4663.

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