About Rachel

Rachel has lived in Tucson for almost 30 years. She first came for graduate school at the University of Arizona, and then decided to stay in the town she’d fallen in love with.

After graduate school, she worked at various mental health agencies and treatment centers until she decided to open her own private practice in 1990.

Focusing primarily on survivors of trauma and addictions, her scope of practice has broadened quite a bit since the early 90’s. She has been working with individuals, couples and families ever since.

Over the years, she has spoken at facilities throughout Tucson on all ranges of topics, but particularly enjoys presenting about Imago and Parenting Issues. On two occasions, she had the honor of providing counseling to troops and their families overseas for two extended assignments.

During her post-graduate pursuits, Rachel completed work in Gestalt therapy with the Gestalt Institute of Tucson, and later received her Certificate for the practice of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy through the Southwest Center for Psychoanalytic Studies. Both of these disciplines nicely combine to form the basis for her Certification as an Imago Relationship Coach.

Certified as an Imago coach in 2001, she feels passionate about mindfulness and intentionality and believes these concepts lead to greater internal safety, which in turn, leads to greater individual freedom, empowerment and relational skills. When we are not at the mercy of being overwhelmed by our feelings, we actually feel a wider range of genuine emotion. As a result, we can be connected to our emotions instead of feeling like we are either overwhelmed and consumed by them, or to protect ourselves from bombardment, just shut down from them. When this positive shift happens, we can use our emotions to safely connect with another instead of overpowering, punishing, controlling or withdrawing from the other. She very strongly believes that the Imago work is an effective theory and set of tools to help us reach this goal of safe connectivity, whether we are in couple-hood or in single-hood.

Rachel also had the joy of assisting at the Getting The Love You Want Workshops held in town by Bonnie Brinkman for many years.

These workshops, held 5-6 times a year, helped to rejuvenate and remind Rachel of how powerful this work can be in such an intense way over the course of the weekend. If you are considering a workshop and are not sure if you should attend the workshop or the coaching first, see the section on Frequently Asked Questions. Even though Bonnie has retired, you can still go to Imago Relationships International to find some workshops in the Tucson or surrounding area. (Or even a vacation spot you’d like to visit!)

Finally, she uses the Imago Tools in her daily life and adheres to the belief that Imago can heal the world one couple at a time. If you would like more information about Imago itself, please check out their website at

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