What people say about Rachel

“Rachel is extremely talented as a relationship coach. We were both raised in deeply dysfunctional and painful environments. Without Rachel’s help, regardless of the love that we shared, we were unable to break through our learned behaviors. With Rachel’s guidance our relationship has been transformed into a joy filled and happy union. Rachel gave us the ultimate gift-the gifts of peace, fulfillment and contentment. We are eternally grateful for her work with us.”

“We have been working with Rachel for over year, and our relationship has transformed. Prior to Imago, we were more likely to crash straight into our relationship hurdles. Now, through Rachel’s insightful counseling, we talk through these obstacles, using them to grow. She has helped us view our relationship – and ourselves – in a positive, mindful, curious, supporting, and loving way. Our work with Rachel has made us stronger individuals and has helped build a solid foundation for our relationship to flourish. We recommend Rachel and Imago therapy to all couples in any stage of a relationship. ‘Thank you Rachel”.

“Rachel has been a tremendous asset in our smoothing rough spots in our marriage. She combines personal warmth with the proper professional distance in objectively helping us discuss our issues with each other, and pointedly keeps me from avoiding hard questions about my own conduct. She emphasizes confronting undesirable behaviors rather than making excuses for them.”

“Frustrated, emotionally drained and saddened by three key relationships, Rachel helped me to see and understand the patterns that kept me unhappy and stuck. Working with Rachel has led to tremendous growth, and most importantly, I now have the tools to help myself not fall into old behaviors and beliefs”.

“Rachel is an outstanding and professional Imago counselor. Imago techniques help me to communicate better with my partner. The techniques we learned not only strengthen the love relationship between me and my partner but we’ve also used them to improve our relationship with others, especially family members and people we work with every day.”

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